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 Church of Hope has two worship services a week. One at the main facility Sunday night) and one at the work center (Friday Night).Both @ 7p,m.  Come and volunteer or speak.  


Bible Study and Access to Bibles and Bible Study material.

COH provides a bible to every woman that comes to SDWP and requests one. We also provide devotionals and study books when requested by the ladies.  This is such a powerful ministry as that is the scariest time of their lives – prison – to receive the Word of  God and know that there is a community to study the Word with them is powerful.  We have several Bible studies every week in both facilities.  If you would like to donate Bibles or material click here. 


 We walk with the women as they learn what it is like to be the church inside so that they can live that when they go outside. We have a discipleship group in both facilities that help leads in the services and witnesses in the blocks of God's love.

Pastoral Counseling

One of the greatest needs the ladies have at the facility is healing from trauma and losses. Each and everyone of the women have a back story as to how they came to be there and they need safe places in which to share their story and receive healing. We offer one on ones to help facilitate healing through pastoral counseling and prayer ministry.


We offer recovery services in several forms.  Many of the women are in the facility because of addiction and drug-related crimes.  


We offer the ladies a sense of family and community.  Many of them come from broken family systems and our goal to help them fill in the gaps where there are missing pieces as it relates to building healthy relationships with their children, families and community.



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